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Patrick F. Lane, Pastor
Mary Scott Gyory, Organist and Choir Director

Patrick F. Lane

Patrick F. Lane


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I am from Greenville, Mississippi, where I was born and raised. The Mississippi delta will forever be a home, and it is the best place, in my opinion, on earth to watch a sunrise or sunset (usually while getting eaten by the Mississippi state bird, the mosquito). I am personally a bigger fan of sunsets, but a good sunrise is always nice with a good cup of coffee. I have moved around a bit over the last handful of years following my high school graduation.

I have lived in Maryland; Oxford, MS; Atlanta, GA; and have now settled into life in Culpeper, Virginia. I have always been able to find joy in all these places, and I have met some amazing people who I am grateful to still call friends.

My family is the greatest gift that I have in this life. I am lucky to have a family that pushes me to be better and supports me in my ambitions. There is so much that I could say about them, but I am truly blessed with the family that I have and that is all I’ll say, as words do little to describe all that they are to me and all they have done for me.

I am a cradle Presbyterian. For as long as I can remember, I have been attending Presbyterian churches, and people from these places have helped me along my journey: First Presbyterian Greenville, Leland Presbyterian, Oxford Presbyterian Church, Camp Hopewell, Towson Presbyterian Church. Joining in ministry with all of Mitchells Presbyterian Church is the culmination of a call that I seek to live into and answer each day from God to serve and love all who I meet. I pray that this gives you a glimpse at who I am, and I hope that I can get to know YOU soon!

Mrs. Mary Scott Gyory

Mrs. Mary Scott Gyory

Organist & Choir Director

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Historical Names for Our Congregations Meeting Places

Cedar Run Meeting House,
Rapid Ann Presbyterian Chapel,
Mitchells Presbyterian Church

  • Samuel Davies Hoge 1817-1817
  • Samuel Blaine Wilson 1822-1827
  • Francis Thornton 1828-1829
  • Septimus Tustin 1829-1830
  • Abram David Pollock, D.D. 1832-1836
  • John J. Royall 1837-1856
  • Abram David Pollock, D.D. 1856-1873
  • William W. Reese 1873-1876
  • Joseph Washburn 1876-1876
  • John Philip Strider, D.D. 1877-1879
  • Joseph Crockett Painter 1879-1880
  • John Philip Strider, D.D. 1880-1883
  • Joseph Crockett Painter 1884-1890
  • Edwin Harvey Stover 1891-1901
  • George McIntosh Matthis 1902-1906
  • Thomas Willamson Hooper, D.D. 1907-1954
  • Charles Fred Speight, Jr. 1961-1965
  • Zolton Julius Phillips, III, D. Min. 1966-1969
  • Merle LeRoy Fisher, Jr. 1969-1973
  • Jesse Melville Bratton, Jr. 1975-1981
  • Arthur Dicken Thomas, Jr., Ph.D. 1981-1986
  • Daniel Hodges Malcolm 1987-1994
  • John Dickson Grotz 1995-2019
  • Michael Orrin Clang 2019-2021
  • Patrick Fisher Lane 2021-

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