Mitchells Presbyterian Church Monthly Newsletter

February 2021

Pastor’s Corner

Grace and Peace to everyone!

It’s hard to believe that we are soon approaching the one-year mark of conducting “virtual” services here at Mitchells. March 15, 2020 was the 1st recorded service that Chuck and I scrambled to put together. Wow, we have learned a lot since that first time (thank you Chuck)! Like you all, I am anxious to start recording and posting on Sunday with a live audience once again. We are almost there. With more of us able to get the vaccines, soon your session will once again review a timeline for reopening. In the meantime, lets all do what we can to keep each other safe and in the spirit of the upcoming Lenten season, lets take some time to reflect on where we are right now.

After his baptism, the Spirit of God drove Jesus into the wilderness for 40 days. It’s this wilderness time that is the big symbol for Lent and it goes without saying that we have been in a year-long wilderness experience. Our lives have been disrupted; our routines thrown out of sync; and we have seen death. But there has been resilience too. What have we learned about ourselves? What have we learned about being a “church” that meets virtually?

We have learned how to share services on YouTube each week; we have a system to mail services to those without internet or who have a hard time hearing; we have done “drive by” visits; we have made numerous phone calls and sent countless notes of encouragement to each other; we purchased a PA system so we can do parking lot services; we did a Live Nativity and Tree of Lights service; we supported local charities; we are updating our webpage; we installed a French drain around the fellowship hall to move water from the foundation; we updated the sign in front of the church; we are doing a feasibility study of building a pavilion where numerous outdoor gatherings could be held; we are learning each and every day what it means to be the body of Christ . . . to not just say these words . . . but to actually embody them.

As we are hopefully coming close to the end of this wilderness time, let me share one of the scriptures that we will read this Sunday. “Have you not known? Have you not heard? The Lord is the everlasting God . . . those that wait for the Lord shall renew their strength, they shall mount up with wings like eagles, they shall run and not be weary, they shall walk and not faint.”

Our time for running again is coming. May it be so. Thanks be to God!

– Pastor Mike

Lenten Study

With the Lenten season approaching, we are going to do another “virtual” Bible Study starting on Ash Wednesday (February 17th) at 10:00am. The study will last for the 5 weeks of Lent (with a Lectio Divina Meditation on Ash Wednesday (February 17th) and Holy Wednesday (March 31st).

The book that we will be studying is: “The Sign and the Sacrifice” The Meaning of the Cross and the Resurrection by Rowan Williams: Here is a summary: Rowan Williams, former Archbishop of Canterbury, presents the Gospel accounts of Jesus’ crucifixion and resurrection as viewed through the eyes of those who witnessed them. The Sign and the Sacrifice explores the meaning of the cross and the significance of Christ’s resurrection, discussing what these events meant to Jesus’ followers in the early years and what they can say to us today.

If you are interested, send an email to Kim will help me gather the emails and we will (1) purchase a book for you and (2) send you the Zoom link each week. If you don’t have Zoom or would like to participate by dialing in on the phone, call me and I will get you the needed information. My number is 720-557-0910.

Session News

• Ron Evans was elected Treasurer for 2021 and Steve Hicks was elected Clerk for 2021.

• Session and the Trustees of Mitchells Presbyterian Church, Inc. met for the annual corporation meeting. The following were elected officers of the corporation: William Miller, President; Brett Massey, Vice-president; Dolores Aylor, Assistant Secretary and Treasurer. Ron Evans serves as Corporate Treasurer and Steve Hicks serves as Corporate Secretary.

• Session voted to transfer $13,000 of the earnings on investments to the Mission and Outreach Committee for 2021.

• James Smith reported that the new lighted sign in front of the church has been installed and electrified.

• Session determined that the Annual Congregational Meeting will be held on Saturday, February 27, 2021 in the rear parking lot beginning at 11:00 a.m. Reports of what happened during 2020 will be presented and three members of the Congregation will be elected to the 2021 Nominating Committee. Outgoing Ruling Elder Rebecca Payette will serve as Chairman, and Ruling Elder Kaye Inskeep will serve as the second member of the Committee elected by Session.

Presbyterian Women

The Presbyterian Women have not been meeting, there is nothing to report.

Men of the Church

The regular meeting will take place in the Fellowship Hall on Thursday, February 4, 2021 at 7 p.m. Please contact Steve Hicks 540-718-2098 or if you plan on attending.

Due to COVID 19 restrictions, the Men of the Church will NOT be holding their annual Pancake and Sausage Supper in 2021.

However, arrangements have been made to have sausage prepared for sale.

One-pound packages of sausage are available for $5 per pound. Be sure to order plenty.

If you wish to purchase sausage please contact Bill Miller at 540-825-2783 or Steve Hicks at 540-718-2098 before February 20, 2021.

Sausage will be available for pick-up on Saturday, February 27, 2021 following the Congregational Meeting and until 3:00 p.m. that afternoon. Delivery arrangements can be made when you place your order if that is more convenient for you.

Safety and Security Committee (SSC)

Buildings & Grounds and Safety & Security Joint Project

The new church sign is up and it “Welcomes All”! The installation was a two-committee effort and it adds beauty and brightness to the front of the church, especially since the new sign has a light that comes on at dusk and off at dawn.

The hard part of installing the new sign was digging the two post holes 4’ deep for the rebar base and filling with over 2300 pounds of concrete all mixed by hand. After the concrete cured for over a week the new sign was installed along with new electrical service. Not much to show since all the foundation work was underground:

On behalf of Mitchells Presbyterian Church the Safety & Security and Buildings & Grounds Committees would like to thank everyone for their generous donations.

Church Events/Information


The Annual Congregational Meeting will be held on Saturday, February 27, 2021 for the purpose of receiving reports from various individuals and committees recapping what transpired during 2020. This meeting will take place in the parking lot at the rear of the church. A quorum of 30 members will be necessary to transact business.

The congregation will also be asked to elect three (3) members to the 2021 Nominating Committee. Ruling Elders Rebecca Payette, Chairman, and Ruling Elder Kaye Inskeep will serve as Session’s representatives.

Shepherds’ List

Included with this month’s newsletter is a copy of the Shepherds’ List that Session members use when contacting the congregation about weather issues, prayer requests, deaths, etc. It was requested that this be sent to everyone.

If you see information that is incorrect or missing, please call Steve Hicks, Clerk, at 540-718- 2098 and let him know what needs correcting. This will be a big help.

PNC Nominating Committee

Your PNC continues to work weekly on the pastor search. New invitations have gone out requesting meetings with candidates and we are excited and hopeful that the New Year and new beginnings will be promising for everyone. Please continue to pray for the committee and the candidates. We try to pray universally every Sunday at 1:00 and invite you to join us. There is no formal on-line gathering, just a chance for all to stop where we are on Sundays at 1:00 and pray for the search and the future of Mitchells. We are confident that 2021 will be a special one for Mitchells Presbyterian Church.

Respectfully submitted,

Brett Massey, Roxy Mitchell, Becky Payette, Mary Lou Phillips, Vicky Tidman, Jimmy Walker, and Vickie Wallace.

Worship Committee

The Worship Committee met on January 21 to plan the Easter Season. Below is the calendar of events:

Feb. 17th – Videotaped service

Feb. 21st, Feb. 28th, Mar. 7, Mar. 14th, Mar. 21 – Videotaped services

Mar. 28th – Palm Sunday service in the Parking Lot at 11:00am. Palms will be available to take home.

Apr 1st – Maundy Thursday, videotaped service with communion

Apr. 2nd – Good Friday, videotaped service

Apr. 4th – Easter, videotaped service

Donations to MPC

Any donations to the church can be mailed to:

Mitchells Presbyterian Church

P. O. Box 98

Mitchells, VA 22729

All mail is being picked up twice a week and deposits are being made by Ron Evans, the church treasurer.

Mitchells Presbyterian Email Prayer Chain

The church has developed an online prayer chain. If you wish to be a part of this prayer chain, please send an email to and your name will be added.

This prayer chain is being overseen by Patti Weaver. If you have prayer requests, you may email Patti at the above email address or call her at 540-547-9319.

Please note that this prayer chain is not to be confused with the Presbyterian Women’s email chain. While the PW’s email chain does include prayers, its main purpose is to keep the PW informed as to what is going on within their group.

The Prayer of Mitchells prayer chain is for prayers and will reach out to anyone wishing to be included.

Mitchells Presbyterian Church

Shepherds List 21.01.15

Michael Clang
C 720-557-0910
O 825-1079

Steve Hicks, Clerk
C 718-2098
W 341-4952 X105

Becky Payette
H 547-2278
9408 Blackbird Loop Culpeper VA 22701

Vera Somerville
H 825-2052 25490
Somerville Road Mitchells VA 22729

Bill & Beth Alexander
Bill 718-0899
Beth 703-608-9908
27086 Old Office Rd Culpeper

Chris Jaderborg
1550 Pantops Mtn Place Charlottesville VA 22911

Carol Inskeep
C 907-0606
1201 Oaklawn Dr Culpeper VA 22701

Alan & Susan Wohlleban
H 825-9048
802 S. East Street Culpeper VA 22701

Jane Reed
H 829-1917
20049 Williams Drive Culpeper VA 22701

James “Smitty” Smith
H 321-4838
19249 Mabel Ct Culpeper VA 22701


Doug & Crystal Settle
H 825-4934
20371 Zachary Taylor Hwy Culpeper VA 22701

Mary Lou Phillips
C 718-7349
18002 Celebration Road Culpeper VA 22701

Steven Todd & Denise Golemb
Steven 217-248-0402
Denise 608-770-1338
23379 Somerville Rd Mitchells VA 22729

Ron & Debbie Settle
H 547-2462
159 Rolling Green Lane Brightwood VA 22715

Alice Hopkins
H 825-5718
230 Elmwood Ave Culpeper VA 22701

Roger & Hazel Eakin
H 829-6365
C 229-5504
521 Mimosa St Culpeper VA 22701

Patricia Hawkins
C 229-9563
12292 Mitchell Road Mitchells VA 22729

Perrin Kinsey
H 846-4407
1159 Arrington Mtn Rd Haywood VA 22722

Ruth Sousa
C 222-7416
25492 Ditchley Farm Ln Culpeper VA 22701

Bill & Janet Miller
H 825-2783
10286 Mtn Run Lake Rd Culpeper VA 22701

Tom & Kim Nixon
H 672-7396
21496 River Road Rapidan VA 22733

Scott & Roxy Mitchell
C 522-1783
400 Friendship Way Apt 206 Culpeper VA 22701

Gale & Eloina Gibson
C 202-286-1905

Kaye Inskeep
H 812-4574
C 661-6970
302 Sunset Lane Culpeper VA 22701

Brett & Kathy Massey
Kathy 272-2982
Brett 571-485-0886
11283 Gravel Road Brandy Station VA 22714

Greg & Teresa Griffith
C 718-0769
Lake Anna

Bonnie Scott
H 212-3864
16098 Glen Ella Road Culpeper VA 22701

Marty & Phil Stuart (Danielle Kapp)
H 229-1961
12068 Beales Drive Culpeper VA 22701

Terry Higdon
H 718-8661
188 Peliso Ave Orange VA 22960

Tommy & Michelle Cuccherini
C 847-0004
18042 Lakeford Drive Culpeper VA 22701

Ron Evans
H 547-4120
9132 Mtn Run Lake Road Culpeper VA 22701

Bonnie Hitt
H 229-5150
309 Jenkins Ave Culpeper VA 22701

Posey & Betty Ann Howell
H 825-1788
17065 Wayland Road Culpeper VA 22701

Dolores Aylor
H 399-1361
18359 Broad Acres Rd Culpeper VA 22701

Kathryn Krosschell (Non-Attending)
C 216-905-9833
12425 Village Loop Culpeper VA 22701

Alex Tidman
C 729-9726

Vic & Teresa Squire
H 710-4723
29329 Saint Just Drive Unionville VA 22567

Conley Wallace
H 547-4259
8240 Tinsley Place Culpeper VA 22701


Dot Faulconer
H 825-8412
05 Sunset Lane Culpeper VA 22701

Sara Gallagher
H 825-9684
12384 Cottage Road Culpeper VA 22701

Ruth Button
H 825-1034
12290 Waverly Place Culpeper VA 22701

Graeme & Vicky Tidman
H 854-6561
Vicky 212-3298
27320 Big H Ranch Road Culpeper VA 22701

Steve & Kim Hicks
Steve 718-2098
Kim 718-3058
933 Riverdale Cir Culpeper VA 22701

Adam Hicks
C 717-5172
933 Riverdale Cir Culpeper VA 22701

Jimmy Walker
H 825-5106
11189 Winston Road Culpeper VA 22701


Terry Carpenter
H 825-8455

Larry & Linda Brooks
H 547-4360
C 270-4218
9080 Fox Drive Culpeper VA 22701

Tom & Denita Cuccherini
Denita 219-1071
Tom 703-906-0466
16090 Glen Ella Road Culpeper VA 22701

Bill Chase
C 423-2233
P. O. Box 14 Stevensburg VA 22741

John & Dottie Clatterbuck
H 825-4337
13249 Pullen Ct Culpeper VA 22701

Barbara Waters
H 621-5533
172 Vaughn Ct Culpeper VA 22701

Cindy Grotz
H 825-6580
17417 Hawthorne Ave Culpeper VA 22701

Mary Scott & Chuck Gyory
H 825-5473 15175
Montrose Lane Culpeper VA 22701

Myrtle Martin
H 672-1839
120 Dogwood Lane, West Main Orange VA 22960

Jon & Tabby Weaver
H 825-3907
12037 Myrals Lane Mitchells VA 22729

Patti & Terry Weaver
H 547-9319
15406 Lake Breeze Lane Culpeper VA 22701

Pat Payne
H 825-5378
300 Chestnut Drive Culpeper VA 22701

Warren & Amber Gallahan
C 219-1277
100 Wayland Road Culpeper VA 22701

Jo Young (Non-attending)
C 540-729-9425
249 Newcastle Ct Thomasville NC 27360

Bonnie Putnam
H 993-4161
C 718-7393
10231 Brittany Commons Blvd Spotsylvania VA 22553

Kemper & Wanda Hulvey Kemper
22401 Cedar Mountain Road Rapidan VA 22733

Jimmy Jenkins
C 718-6601
1812 Stoneybrook Ln Culpeper VA 22701